Artist Statement
The purpose of my work is to highlight the
natural beauty of the wood.  The majority of my
pieces are meant to hold nothing more than
your attention.  I am always looking for material
and use mostly local trees which have died or
been removed for building.  I cut each piece of
wood to capture the natural beauty.

Each piece is turned on a lathe.  As much work
is done on the lathe as possible, although
handwork is necessary in the final finishing.

My vessels are purely visual celebrations of
color and form.  I accent the figure in the wood
to draw attention to what nature has
produced.  A natural imperfection can provide
visual interest and texture. I am now adding
color to highlight the grain and figure of the
wood. I use water based aniline dye to color
the pieces, the dye is applied and then partly
removed and the process is repeated until the
desired color combination is achieved. The
finish is multiple coats of high gloss urethane

The pieces are visualized in my mind after
studying the piece of wood and from years of
experience working with it.  However, I have to
be flexible.  As the piece develops the shape
may change to highlight hidden beauty within
the wood which was not revealed until the
turning process began.
Crane Woodworks
Dwight Crane Artist
natural edge ash vessel with bark
multi color maple vase
natural edge ash bowl with bark
I am a retired police officer and have been woodturning
for over twenty years and participating in art shows for
eighteen years.  I have taken classes at Arrowmont
School for the Arts in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and
Woodcraft Supply in Provo, Utah.  I have also attended
seminars in Colorado, Illinois and Missouri.

I was one of fifty five artists chosen to be included in a
publication called
Made in Illinois an Artist Gallery put out
by the State of Illinois Department of Commerce and
Community Affairs.

I have won awards including   2011 Best of Show at the
Lakeside Art Fair in Decatur, 2010 Best of Show at
Celebration Art Fair in Charleston, Il, Best of Show 2008 at
the Riverside Art Fair in Riverside, Il,  2006 Award of
Excellence at the Mosaic Art Festival in St Charles,
IMissouri, 2006 Judges Choice Award at the Leeper Park
Art Fair in South Bend, Indiana,  Best of Wood at the
Cedarhurst Art and Craft Fair in Mt Vernon, Il, and awards
at Taylorville Art on the Square in Taylorville, Il,
Woodstock Art Fair in Woodstock, Illinois, Dixon Art Fair in
Dixon, Illinois, Waterstone Art Fair in Gurnee, Illinois and
Winona Lake Fine Art Fair in Winona Lake, Indiana and
Sugar Creek Arts and Crafts show in Bloomington, Il

I love woodturning and am very happy when other people
love and appreciate my work.
Crane Woodworks
Dwight Crane Artist
Dwight Crane Artist
Dwight Crane Artist
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natural cedar bowl
glorious shining red globe